and welcome to my new website, Lorna - created for you by Tom at Design Timbre! Where am I on? Answers. Pictures? Yes. Downloadables for harried listings agents? Of course, what else! Lorna is your resource for my work and I will add more cool stuff as time allows/passes/ebbs.

You see, I want to be a small part of your lives. Follow me on Twitter or become a friendopolski by joining the Mailing List. Contact me about work or anything else or download pictures or biography for professional reasons or just to print on a pillowcase or toilet roll. There are places that will do that for you but I am not in charge of them. I love you.

Friendopolskis it is October and of course I am long back from the Edinburgh Festival. My sketch show Jigsaw with Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema sold out most nights and received many kind descriptions in the press. I am very enthused about this project and we will be developing our second Edinburgh show over the next months but IN SECRET (i.e. public). Meanwhile you can watch our BBC videos on our separate website or here on my clips page. Also I may be performing my standup at a venue near you - depends where you are obvs. Or if you prefer to see me but for me not to see you (e.g. you are shy or practicing to be a spy), you can buy my DVDs from my shop. I love you all so, so much apart from my enemies.
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